Let's agree at the beginning: This is not a a drama scene or movie. These are photos published by an European organization  called ANIMALREBELLION.
Today 21 march ,Tow hours ago They have sprayed red paint on the headquarters of the Marine Stewardship Council MSC in UK in an action calling for the end of fishing. And they are demanding the MSC to stop certifying fishing and support a just transition to sustainable industries. More paint was dumped inside ,they are calling on MSC to stop certifying destruction and require that all of their certified fisheries stop all fishing activity and help support a just transition for these workers.

 The organization commented :
The MSC are stewarding us towards disaster and hoodwinking the public as they refuse to disclose the true impact of the fishing industry on our oceans and on aquatic animals including fish, dolphins, seals and whales.

 It may be  funny and interesting action, but it seems that the reaction of the security men wasn't funny at all...

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