Ukrainian President Zelenskiy said on Monday that it would not be possible to negotiate an end to the war in without meeting Putin according to Reuters.Zelenskiy has sought a meeting with Putin for nearly a year, but the Russian leader has refused.
Since Russian troops poured into Ukraine last month, has issued again increasingly urgent calls for meeting to end war and discuss the future of occupied Ukrainian territory .
but more time would be required to resolve the issue.
added that Ukraine could not now secure NATO membership.

Ukrainian multimedia platform for broadcastin announced today
that the invaders hit a private house in Rubizhne . And according to their preliminary information there may be three children in its basement. Due to constant shelling, rescuers are still unable to reach the scene.
Also Russian troops fired on a secondary school, setting fire to its roof. There are probably people in a basement..In the same Town Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhiy Haidai posted on Facebook that
there is more than 10 houses are on fire in the town and shelling does not subside.


It is a painful reality to lose millions of childrens in less than month; parents cannot describe their feelings..

 Free Europe Radio broadcasts yesterday 19 march a very impressive speech :

Rows of 109 empty strollers were placed in Lviv’s old town on March 18 to symbolize the children killed in the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. this is haunting reminder of the deadly toll of war on Ukraine's children..The event organizers said that the media may ignore the numbers of victims and people may forget, so they took this step to keep the image in memory.


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