Ukrainian multimedia platform for broadcastin announced today
that the invaders hit a private house in Rubizhne . And according to their preliminary information there may be three children in its basement. Due to constant shelling, rescuers are still unable to reach the scene.
Also Russian troops fired on a secondary school, setting fire to its roof. There are probably people in a basement..In the same Town Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhiy Haidai posted on Facebook that
there is more than 10 houses are on fire in the town and shelling does not subside.

Let's agree at the beginning: This is not a a drama scene or movie. These are photos published by an European organization  called ANIMALREBELLION.
Today 21 march ,Tow hours ago They have sprayed red paint on the headquarters of the Marine Stewardship Council MSC in UK in an action calling for the end of fishing. And they are demanding the MSC to stop certifying fishing and support a just transition to sustainable industries. More paint was dumped inside ,they are calling on MSC to stop certifying destruction and require that all of their certified fisheries stop all fishing activity and help support a just transition for these workers.

 The organization commented :
The MSC are stewarding us towards disaster and hoodwinking the public as they refuse to disclose the true impact of the fishing industry on our oceans and on aquatic animals including fish, dolphins, seals and whales.

 It may be  funny and interesting action, but it seems that the reaction of the security men wasn't funny at all...

Tunisia Africa News Agency published today 21 march in the context of  next July Referendum that the president QAïS SAID said in speech addressed on the 66th anniversary of Independence on Sunday night on Wataniya 1 channel that
whole citizens will be involved in the referendum and give their opinion about a new political system.
And this referendum is an important step before general elections on December 17, 2022.
.. he added:
''A real and effective independence is not a simple treaty document,waved banners or solemn festivities. It is  the perfect illustration of the freedom enjoyed by citizens, masters of their own destiny."

And till now Over 534,915 Tunisians participated in the referendum .

During history When the colonial forces entred Africa , they did not only destroyed , but built cities and equipped train stations and hospitals,of course its all for colonists to start living on new homeland.
and after the African wave of independence for 17 countries till 1960, all the colonial powers fled, it left all properties made by Africa's treasure: buildings,Trolleys,churches, even trains...

few years..trees grew again around the remnants and welcomed new generations ..but this time ,no bombing's sounds,no Fire's smoke and blood smell..
Today,the colonial remnants are the buildings where citizens live , the trains they ride, the remains of churches, the treasures of Christian graves, the white-stone courtyards and the red-tiled roofs......... are part of Europe culture but a part of africains quotidian life and paintful memories . once  you remember sacrifices of ancestors; you can feel the truth ...and feel the poisonous beauty: beautiful daily scenes called "Cheminos homes"  but it was the symbol of injustices and enslavement...


     The Saudi Ministry of Energy announced this morning that some several points are attaked by Drones and missiles ;the attaks targeted the facilities  distributing petroleum products in Jizan, the Yanbu Natural Gas Plant, and the facilities of the Yanbu Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF) .
  In reponse to attaks the Turkish Foreign Ministry said today,20 March:
"We condemn any such terrorist attacks aimed at destabilizing security and stability in the region, and in contravention of international laws."

The speech emphasized Turkey's solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in defending Saudi internal security.

And as It is known that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major source of energy production and a threat to its security may harm the global economy.


North Syrian Press referred Today to the issue raised by US about the possibility of Turkey sending its Russian-made S-400 missile defense systems to Ukraine to help it fight Russia forces.

And Till now there's no formal request was made,especially that Turkish authorities have not commented suggestion or proposal relating to the transfer to Ukraine of Ankara’s S-400 systems.

     In the same context, It mentioned that Turkey and Russia signed an official contract in 2017 for the transfer of S-400 missile defense systems worth $2.5 billion , and the first deliveries was in 2019.


It is a painful reality to lose millions of childrens in less than month; parents cannot describe their feelings..

 Free Europe Radio broadcasts yesterday 19 march a very impressive speech :

Rows of 109 empty strollers were placed in Lviv’s old town on March 18 to symbolize the children killed in the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. this is haunting reminder of the deadly toll of war on Ukraine's children..The event organizers said that the media may ignore the numbers of victims and people may forget, so they took this step to keep the image in memory.

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