During history When the colonial forces entred Africa , they did not only destroyed , but built cities and equipped train stations and hospitals,of course its all for colonists to start living on new homeland.
and after the African wave of independence for 17 countries till 1960, all the colonial powers fled, it left all properties made by Africa's treasure: buildings,Trolleys,churches, even trains...

few years..trees grew again around the remnants and welcomed new generations ..but this time ,no bombing's sounds,no Fire's smoke and blood smell..
Today,the colonial remnants are the buildings where citizens live , the trains they ride, the remains of churches, the treasures of Christian graves, the white-stone courtyards and the red-tiled roofs......... are part of Europe culture but a part of africains quotidian life and paintful memories . once  you remember sacrifices of ancestors; you can feel the truth ...and feel the poisonous beauty: beautiful daily scenes called "Cheminos homes"  but it was the symbol of injustices and enslavement...


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En tant que famille TRT AJANS, pour rester à l'écart de toutes sortes de contenus, de diffusion et d'actions de sabotage qui porteraient atteinte à l'intégrité et à l'indépendance de la société turque et aux intérêts nationaux de notre pays,
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